The Department of Informatics collects and declines in a modern key all the experiences and skills gained in a long path of evolution that has led it, from its foundation in 1969 as the first university research and training center of computer science in Italy, then called the Institute of Information Sciences, to remain one of the main university research centers in Italy for theoretical and applied computer science, also in the interdisciplinary field, and for computational mathematics, in the fields of Numerical Analysis and Operations Research.

Its internationally recognized researchers carry out their activities within research groups and cooperate in departmental laboratories, at the forefront in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Bio, Medical, Health-Informatics, Computational Mathematics, Computer Science Foundations, Algorithms, Programming Languages, Computational Models, Next Generation Digital Systems and Cybersecurity. These activities are evidenced by a large scientific production, and by the participation in numerous research projects at national and international level, also in a multidisciplinary context.

The Department is also very active in technology transfer and boasts numerous collaborations both with public and private institutions in the area and with companies at national and international level, as well as offering scientific and cultural dissemination services.

The research activity of the Department is closely linked to both the organization and the periodic updates of the contents of the Master’s Degree Courses, in which Researchers perform both the roles of teachers and tutors, and in the promotion and development of training in advanced IT topics, as part of the Doctorate of Research in Computer Science, of PhD in Data Science and of the National Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence.

Starting from 2020 the tradition of making available an annual summary of the main research activities has been resumed: