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List of technical reports of year 2019

Ghezelsoflu, Ali and Di Francesco, Massimo and Frangioni, Antonio and Zuddas, Paola
A multiperiod drayage problem with customer-dependent service periods
May 3, 2019
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We investigate a routing problem arising in the domain of drayage operations. to determine mimimum-cost vehicle routes in several periods. We adapt a set-covering model, which is solved either with all feasible routes by an off-the-shelf MIP solver, or by and a Price-and-Branch algorithm in which the pricing problem is a formulated as a collection of shortest path problems in tailor-made auxiliary acyclic networks. We propose a new arc-flow formulation based on the previous auxiliary networks and show that solving it by a MIP solver is usually preferable. Finally, we characterize how possible changes in flexibility levels affect routing costs.

Brodo, Linda and Bruni, Roberto and Falaschi, Moreno
Enhancing reaction systems: a process algebraic approach
April 12, 2019
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In the area of Natural Computing, reaction systems are a qualitative abstraction inspired by the functioning of living cells, suitable to model the main mechanisms of biochemical reactions. This model has already been applied and extended successfully to various areas of research. Reaction systems interact with the environment represented by the context, and pose problems of implementation, as it is a new computation model. In this paper we consider the link-calculus, which allows to model multiparty interaction in concurrent systems, and show that it allows to embed reaction systems, by representing the behaviour of each entity and preserving faithfully their features. We show the correctness and completeness of our embedding. We illustrate our framework by showing how to embed a lac operon regulatory network. Finally, our framework can contribute to increase the expressiveness of reaction systems, by exploiting the interaction among different reaction systems.

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