A Spin-off is an accredited company that collaborates with the University of Pisa or whose collaboration was still active in the last 36 months. The object of the Spin-off activity must consist in the production of innovative goods and services and / or with a high technological content, conceived and developed with the decisive contribution of the University’s research resources (Reg. Spin-off, 2004 modified in 2015).

The spin-offs of the University of Pisa can display the logo

More info: Spin-off UNIPI

Spin-off founded by Researchers of the Computer Science Departement

Playerank s.r.l. is a Web platform that offers innovative services for Sports Analytics applied to the sectors of performance evaluation, tactical planning and injury prevention.

Tennis Commander‘s research and development activities are focused on sport analysis, with particular reference to tennis.

Zerynth provides system integrators and product companies with a hardware-software-cloud platform for the development of IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions in an efficient, scalable and secure way

Ex Spin-off: BioBeats

Pulse ScreenshotBioBeats. BioBeats was born from the long collaboration between Davide Morelli, PhD student of Computer Science, and David Plans. Among the projects developed by BioBets, the Pulse app obtained the user’s heartbeat using the smartphone camera and generated music in real time, synchronized with the heart. In 2020 the company was acquired by the British company Huma.